About Us

The Camelot Group is an Investment and Advisory firm that provides independent advice and private equity asset management to institutions. We focus on long-term relationships, consistent advisory practices and precise execution of transactions. Our professionals have worked at and with Corporations, Institutions, Limited Partners, and General Partners with global operations. Our Investment and Advisory practice focuses on the acquisitions and divestitures of limited partner interests, portfolios of direct investments, and Corporate Assets in the Alternative Asset and Private Equity markets.


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Our professionals, partners, and industry contacts are our most valuable resources. The development of a “value-added” network of Limited Partners, General Partners, and industry practitioners is a powerful resource that we bring to our transaction efforts and is instrumental to maintaining our deal flow. In addition to using their expertise, our staff takes great care in sourcing, structuring, monitoring and maintaining the necessary data to serve and respond to our clients’ needs. Our team’s set of experiences, perspectives, and skills runs across all layers of the private equity deal community.

The Camelot Group brings a base of experience in our target asset management focus. This experience includes both asset management and transaction experience within the private equity and alternative asset industry. We are able to contribute more than just talented individuals and insights to a transaction. Each of our clients benefits from knowledgeable professionals and an extensive network of highly experienced executives who are active in the industry. Our team is committed to the success of every transaction.

Our team approach to transaction management is critical to our success. Our collective experience is rooted in a long history of both successes and failures, all of which offer an invaluable perspective on the issues facing the community of investors in the alternative asset and private equity industry. The Camelot Group’s value-add is a commitment to accessibility and ability to provide constructive and creative ideas. Our commitment begins with a transaction and continues throughout the financing of a deal, culminating in the development of a long-term relationship. We offer creative advice, solutions, counsel and access to our high-quality network of business, academic and finance relationships.